SoftGel Manufacturing

Douglas Manufacturing have made a substantial investment to create a world class high-potency containment facility for manufacturing softgels.

Douglas’s intent is to combine the high potency containment softgel manufacturing into its portfolio of other top performing drug delivery systems.

We’re confident that the high-potency softgel capsules we produce can meet the most stringent quality requirements. 

Softgel expertise

• Develop and manufacture softgel capsules with new actives/excipients

• Provide development, study reports and stability testing

• Perform validation and microbiological activities

• Submit dossiers

• Prepare MBRs (Master Batch Records), BMRs (Batch Manufacturing Records), BPRs (Batch Packing Records)

• Source materials and distribute products

• Manufacture up to 1 million size 3 capsules per batch.

Soft gelatin encapsulation:
Batch size 20 kg to 760 kg
Gelatin mass from 50 L to 500 L
Capsule shell printing

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