Microbiological Testing

Douglas Manufacturing has a fully self-contained microbiological testing laboratory and our skilled microbiology testing teams can meet the needs of routine pharmaceutical requirements.

Microbiology testing services include:

Method development and validation

  • Method validation for non sterile dosage form and raw materials (method suitability testing)
  • Enumeration and Specified microorganism testing for raw materials and non sterile dosage form
  • Autoclaving of non hazardous items and/or liquid
  • Microbiology laboratory glassware evaluation for detergent residues
  • Preservative Efficacy Testing

Environmental monitoring

  • Swab testing
  • Settle plate testing

Water testing

  • Total viable aerobic count, as per Ph.Eur/BP (European Pharmacopoeia / British Pharmacopoeia)
  • Water testing method assessment, as per USP (United States Pharmacopoeia)
  • Total viable aerobic count as per USP

Microbiology culture media

  • Growth promotion, inhibitory, indicative, sterility and pH testing

Identification of microorganism

  • Gram-positive bacteria, using BBL crystal identification kit
  • Gram-negative bacteria, using Microbact 12A and 12B identification kit
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